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Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Mar 12- Mar 14    |    Ottawa, Ontario

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Product Overview

Corn Bio-enhancer offering containing LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology, that promotes increased nutrient availability, increased nutrient and water uptake and increased yield potential.



Benefits of using Acceleron B-360 ST

Acceleron B-360 ST (LCO) enhances mycorrhizal colonization, which:

  • Increases functional root volume
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake through the roots

Increased nutrient availability and water uptake increases yield potential.

How it Performs


High-Yielding Environments
Helps reduce intra-field variability on high-yielding acres

Productive Mid-Yielding Environments
Helps deliver strong yield potential consistently in average-yielding environments

Stressed Acres
Helps minimize the impact of stress from drought or nutrient deficiency



Product Information

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