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Optimize® ST

  • Soybean

Product Overview

Breakthrough performance for soybeans

For higher yield potential and better returns for your customers, pre-treat your soybean seed with Optimize ST inoculant.

Optimize ST is a retailer-applied dual action inoculant that contains a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant along with LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology - helping to improve your crops potential.

Benefits of using Optimize ST

  • Elite strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and LCO to help with effective nodulation
  • Increased nitrogen fixation through nodule formation
  • Enhanced nutrient availability which supports root and shoot growth
  • Up to 220 day on seed stability

How the technology works

  1. Needing nitrogen, the plant releases flavonoids to signal rhizobia.
  2. Sensing the flavonoids, the rhizobia signal LCO back to the plant.
  3. The plant can respond to the LCO, allowing the rhizobia to infect its roots.
  4. This symbiotic relationship creates nodules, which can help fix atmospheric nitrogen.

With Optimize ST, the plant does not need to wait for the LCO signal as it is delivered on the seed, potentially reducing the time required for this process to occur naturally and therefore, accelerating nodulation and nitrogen fixation to the young crop.

Optimize ST application benefits:

  1. Less liquid on seed
  2. Lower application rate means more space on seed for other seed treatments
  3. Treats more beans per case
  4. Less product to handle and less time refilling tanks
  5. 220-days on seed with additional liquid additive (extender) for key seed treatments Acceleron® seed applied solutions and Cruiser Maxx® Vibrance® seed treatment

Double inoculate your soil for maximum yield potential

Land that has been through less than ideal growing conditions, or has not had soybeans for a few years, requires special attention when it comes to inoculation. Double inoculation can help quickly establish high populations of rhizobia bacteria to ensure the best possible nodulation and soybean performance. Land with a history of longer soybean rotations, or land with a history of flooding or longer periods of drought, is not conducive to rhizobia survival. It is in these soils that farmers will benefit greatly from the application of two formulations of inoculant.

Seed-applied inoculants tend to form nodules closer to where the seed is located (closer to the primary root); in-furrow-applied granular inoculants tend to form nodules on the secondary or lateral roots. Combining the two formulations allows for wider distribution of nodules along the whole root system.

For best results, you may apply Optimize ST inoculant with Cell-Tech™ or TagTeam® inoculant. Consult your local Acceleron BioAg representative or local retailer for a customized inoculant approach.

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