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  • Corn
  • Lentil
  • Pea
  • Soybean
  • Wheat

Product Overview

JumpStart delivers enhanced phosphate availability for increased root growth and a larger leaf area.

JumpStart is an inoculant containing the naturally occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaiae (P. bilaiae), which grows along plant roots, releasing phosphate bound in the soil, making it more available for the crop to use.

Penicillium bilaiae, the active ingredient in JumpStart, does not eliminate the need for phosphate fertilizer, but provides crops access to more phosphate for higher yield potential.

Better Phosphate Uptake with JumpStart

JumpStart promotes greater phosphate availability, which results in early vigour, greater stress tolerance and earlier, more even maturity and ultimately higher yield potential.

How the Technology Works

Freeing Phosphate - Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate, making it more readily available for the plant to use.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Increased availability of soil and fertilizer phosphate
  • Enhanced early vigour
  • Increased root growth
  • Earlier, more uniform maturity
  • Higher yield potential
With and without JumpStart

Canola field photos taken July 2014 near Meacham, Saskatchewan. Individual results may vary.

JumpStart Trial Summary

Crop # of Trials Yield Differences
bu/ac % of Control
Canola 71 2.1 6%
Pea/Lentil 38 3.6 11%
Spring Wheat 153 2.0 5%
Winter Wheat 19 4.7 7%

Source: Results from 281 independent large-plot research trials in Western and Eastern Canada show that JumpStart inoculant averaged 6% higher yield across all crops over 28 years. Individual results may vary.

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