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Affiché: mai 01, 2017
Auteur: Monsanto BioAg Canada Source: Monsanto BioAg Canada #bioadvantagetrials #bat #battrials #jumpstart #tagteamlco #quickroots

Monsanto BioAg recently launched the Interactive BioAdvantage (BAT) Data Map which provides growers and retailers the data they need to make informed decisions.
The Interactive BAT Data Map gives users the ability to segment individual plot yield reports by crop, province, year, variety and inoculant. 


Whether you’re a farmer or a retailer, this is your opportunity to experience both commercially available products and products in our pipeline (prior to commercial registration), giving you a better understanding of how Monsanto BioAg products will work in your local area.

Through the BioAdvantage Trials, Monsanto BioAg is able to collect the necessary data to fine-tune our products and technologies, to deliver the results you need.

Try our interactive map today!


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